“It can be hard to open up to somebody. My job is to welcome you and listen to your issues, understand what they mean to you and guide you on your path of solving them. I perform therapy in an intimate, safe, kind and positive environment.”

In individual sesions I use all my knowledge and skills while adjusting the process to one’s individual needs. I guide the client to identify his or her core issues and map out a plan of the process and set the goals of therapy.

I lecture about the burnout syndrome and organize workshops or groups for the people who are suffering from burnout. You can find the dates under the tab “New”

Frequent issues:

– Panic attacks and anxiety

We can treat anxiety and panic attacks WITHOUT medication. Logosynthesis offers a quick and effective solution to these problems since it can access suppressed content and fears that originate from our unconsciousness which are normally hidden. With Logosynthesis we find these causes and resolve them.

– Child and adolescent psychotherapy

The most common issues that can be solved by therapy are hyperactive disorders, impulsive anger, learning disabilities, behaviour problems, the consequences after the divorce, bad communication in the family, anxiety and panic attacks, self-aggression… In addition to this the psychosomatic disorders are quickly solvable by logosynthesis like tics and stuttering, bedwetting and bowel voiding issues, nightmares, unidentified fears...

Therapy is short and solution focused so that the child is free from symptoms as soon as possible and is not a subject of unnecessary medicalization.

– Posttraumatic disorders

Trauma = when we can’t assimilate an event into our frame of reference, our perceptions of the world, this event stays dissociated or suppressed in our memory. Because of this it can provoke diverse consequences in our body – both physical and mental.

These events can be accidents, diseases, losses or situations, when someone hurts us, belittles us, excludes us, ignores us, assaults us… Events can happen during childhood or later in life. They can be a consequence of a single event, that was emotionally very intense or of a series of repetitive situations that were of great significance to us and have imprinted themselves in our memory. Effects of these traumas present themselves as PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder).

– Unhappiness with oneself

• when you lack confidence

• when you feel unpleasant emotions like fear, anxiety, panic, despair…

• if you have sleep disorders

• when nobody understands you

• when you are under a lot of pressure, stress

• when you can’t control your anger

• when you are alone in this world

– Counselling

• therapy of stage fright

• preparation for interviews, lectures…

• new techniques of communication

• increase the effectiveness in relationships

• effective goal setting and fulfilling the objectives

• releasing your full potential

• effective problem solving

• effective decision making