Logosynthesis is a method that enables us to remove of suppresed issues or traumatic memories and live freely, contentedly and in touch with ourselves.
It focuses on frozen mental structures and uses a specially designed process to address these topics. It looks at the individual as a whole, taking into consideration that in addition to the body and mind, we are also energy that can stimulate or limit us.

The principle on which it is based are three specially formulated sentences that allow us to release the energy that has been fragmented by painful, traumatic events in the past. This frees the energy back into the flow which is necessary to be healthy

We apply the sentences during psychotherapeutic process: when we discover painful events, irrational beliefs, doubts, desires, fears. These structures were created in painful moments in the past and they cause inappropriate emotional responses in certain everyday situations by blocking our thoughts and appropriate responses.

So to summarize, the goal of the process is to get the frozen energy back in motion, allowing us to be healthy, content, and present in the here and now. You can watch a short presentation in the video below.

Professionals can learn how to use this method in the Basic Seminar, individuals can learn to apply it on their own issues in a 101 workshop.

Basic Seminar in Logosynthesis - a seminar for professionals

A three-day training for professionals where you learn to use this method when working with people. Logosynthesis allows an effective relief of repressed content and can be used as an additional tool to the approach you are already using.

In the seminar you will learn the theoretical basics of the method, see the usein demos, learn the method by being in different roles in practicel groups. You will aplly it to the most common issues and after three days know how to use logosynthesis in everyday work.

The seminar is suitable for psychotherapists, psychologists, doctors, social workers, social pedagogues, psychosocial counselors, coaches, physiotherapists, ie people with prior knowledge of adressing the problems in individual sessions. Logosynthesis helps your clients or patients to get rid of anxiety, panic, depression, psychosomatic problems, the harmful effects of stress and more. The method is also suitable for children and adolescents.

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Self-help workshop - designed for individuals

The self-help workshop is designed for lay people or people who want to use the method to work on their own issues.

In one day the participants learn how to use the process of logosynthesis to relieve the four most common mental contents (introjects, metaphors, fantasies, memories).

The method is suitable for anyone who has problems with anxiety, stress, insomnia, chronic pain, dissatisfaction and similar.

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