I have to. I must hurry up. This is not good enough. I can't rest till I finsh.

How much longer can you hold on to these messages in your head? When the body communicates through fatigue, low back pain, headaches, allergies, insomnia, anxiety, incoherence, and similar responses it is time to take action. You give yourself away in relationships, you drive yourself beyond limits, you forget about yourself, you can't say "No".

If you want to stop these processes and live in a different manner, you can sign up for individual or group therapy or attend one of the upcoming workshops. You can find the announced workshops under “New”.

If you want to organize a workshop, I can offer you some interesting topics (see the list below) but of course I can design one that will adress your specific needs and be tailored accordingly.

Here are some examples of workshops:

Resilient under stress – participants learn about their way of work and identify issues that push them into overdrive. Together we find new solutions, reorganize the schedule, learn to install preventive measures against burnout

Assertive communication – I teach participants the basics of effective and assertive communication. By exploring their behavioral patterns, they can focus on ways to improve the communication, how to clearly express their desires and thoughts, and focus on ways to effectively achieve their goals.

Learn how to say "No". – Participants identify their critical points in relation to other people and discover where their most energy flows. They set new goals in communication and time management, create a new plan of everyday life and learn the necessary tools and approaches to achieve these goals.

Help the body recover and hea – uparticipants learn about the abilities and limitations of their body, how to adapt their diet and exercise to the increased needs of the body, and learn guided vizualisation exercises help the body heal.

Employee personal treatment packages – by agreement